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Open URL/Safari page in new private window

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I want to make a workflow (actually this could work also as applescript service) that takes the currently active window/tab in Safari and opens it in a private window. Better still would be to select a url and open it in a private window. 



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This is definitely possible via Applescript.


You can tell it to activiate safari -> hotkey for URL bar -> cmd+C -> hotkey for private window -> cmd+paste




You can paste the url into the workflow and have it do -> hotkey for private window -> cmd+paste


My preference would be to go for option #2 where you're giving Alfred the URL. Applescript is fine but it's also very much "in your face" versus behind the scenes so the more steps you can eliminate the better.


Applescript is really easy to use and figure out, but if you need help doing this just ask!

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