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Memeflow | Workflow for memes

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Memeflow gives you access to a preset list os memes.


By default, the workflow comes with some popular memes, but if you want, you can add yours just creating a .memes file at your home folder with the following format:

    "title": "Guarana turtle",
    "image": "http://i.imgur.com/yYgDYHy.png"
    "title": "Magical unicorn",
    "image": "http://i.imgur.com/3eluNZ5.jpg"
    "title": "Bear thief",
    "image": "http://i.imgur.com/ZvZYNFP.gif"

Listing all memes
Typing meme will return all memes: 
Searching by meme title
Typing meme <query> will return only the memes that matches with the query
Mirror 1 | Mirror 2


And please, let me know if you guys find any bug running that.


Hope you enjoy it! :)

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