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Rdio Workflow Problems

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Downloaded from the "workflows to get you started" post.


Search results get returned to Alfred, but hitting enter/return does not actually search anything, get reflected in the app at all.


In addition, when hitting enter on on a search result, whatever is currently playing will stop.


Is anyone else having these problems?

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I've not seen that. I did later notice that I believe selecting an artist doesn't work sometimes (maybe at all?), but selecting a track or album definitely should work. It's just an interface to an Applescript that controls Rdio. 

Thanks for replying. Ok, further testing verified what you're saying. Selecting an artist does nothing (well, except stopping current playback), but songs and albums are fine. Any chance that can be fixed, or does Applscript/Rdio's architecture not allow for that? 

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Ive done a little testing tonight and actually found the issue with the artists items not working. Rdio returns a key value that doesn't work when telling Rdio to play a source. The way to make an artist play is to grab that artists top songs key and play that instead. I have adjusted the script to grab the top songs key and set that as the argument instead and it works perfectly. I'll try to put out an update tomorrow.

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