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Google Drive integration


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Since I own a chromebook, I have 115 GB of available space in Google Drive, on which I already use 50GB, a number that keeps growing. A nice feature of the chromebook is that accessing content from google drive is trivial, since searching for files in Drive and opening them is integrated in the operating system.


So now, it's really a pain in the ass for me when I use a mac to have to wait that the Drive for osx app "synchronize" all that data. The first time is terrible (and even so when I switch computers or users accounts) and after that, it is still annoying that it download everything, while most of the time, it would be fine if the new content stays in the Cloud.


So what would be awesome is if a Powerpack feature that would add improved Google Drive integration, at least like what the the OmniDrive chrome extension does


Once installed, I type drive then the <Tab> key then a keyword like developer and I can directly open a file thanks to autocompletion from my files stored in google drive : 





This can be done thanks to the Google Drive sdk/api https://developers.google.com/drive/






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