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List Processing Workflow

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This workflow is for processing a text list of items separated by a single character. You set the character and the direction of the search, and the workflow will give you one at a time.

This sets the list of items. This is tied to a hotkey that takes the current selection. If there is nothing on the input, the command will grab the clipboard to use. Or, the user can type in what they want.

This gives the next item. This is tied to a hotkey as well.

This sets the direction of the lookup. If backwards, the last item will be given in lp:next. If forwards, the first item in the list will be given.

This sets the separator that will be used to process the list.

This sets the list processing back to the original list. Therefore, lp:next starts fresh.

This will show the list on the screen for the user to see.

This will show the number of items in the list separated by the given separator.

This will show the number of items left to be shown.

This will show how many items have been shown.



Version:     1.1

Packal:      http://www.packal.org/workflow/list-processing-workflow

GitHub:      https://github.com/raguay/MyAlfred

My Website:   http://customct.com

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