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Display Toggle for older Wacom Tablets

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I hope somebody can help me with this. Here's the thing, Wacom has a feature called "display toggle" on their higher end tablets. This is useful when you have a dual display setup, so that you can map and switch the tablet's area to a single monitor at a time with just a click of a button (as opposed to having the tablet split down the middle and each half controlling each screen). This is not available on older tablets such as the Bamboo Fun, which is the one I own.


You can, however, go into preferences, click through a bunch of menus and change the display you want to use. So this got me thinking that probably there is a way to automate this change with a workflow. Problem is, I have no idea how. So currently I use my tablet on my primary display and am forced to use a mouse on the secondary one. 


I've even tried using automator, but alas, I'm a noob with that as well. Any help will be greatly appreciated.


There's a guy that wrote a script for this, but it was done in 2010 and I'm sad to report that it doesn't work anymore, but maybe it can enlighten those of you that understand this sort of thing.

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There are a couple of issues with this.


1: Wacom has not updated it's Applescript documentation since 2010 ... even though they have updated the drivers significantly!

2: Apple has changed the way monitors are referenced in it's dictionaries, removing the ability to select desktops since Mavericks.


So, without knowing how Wacom now references the display the tablet is to use, this will be very difficult.

You MAY be able to do this with GUI Scripting, but, the Wacom drivers are, well, 'less than elegant' in terms of how they were written, SO, it's going to be like pulling teeth to figure this out ... as far as I'm concerned.


BTW: This is coming from someone who has been LESS than satisfied with how Wacom handles it's drivers department.  There's no question they have the best hardware for artists, but those drivers can be so infuriating at times!

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By GUI scripting do you mean to automate the steps I would take to manually change the active display? if so, I tried that in automator, but couldn't figure out how to do it. 


If that was accomplished, then I would just assign that to a Hotkey or some command in Alfred. 

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