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Trello Tab in Safari without Duplicates

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Here's a workflow to search for Trello tabs already open in Safari then do one of three things:


- Creates a new Trello tab in Safari if none are open.
- Open existing Trello tab in Safari if one exits.
- Presents a dialog of Trello tabs to choose from if more than one tab exits.


Get it in Packal:



The workflow contains AppleScript that was adapted from what I found here:


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Thank you very much! Very useful! I am very new to Alfred. I am wondering if there is anything similar for Chrome. I tried replacing all "Safari" to "Google Chrome" and I get a syntax error. Thanks for the help in advance Pat!

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Hi @bamn,


I use Chrome too quite a lot but didn't bother to migrate the script because there is a really useful Chrome extension that should have you covered called Remove Duplicate Tabs.


Explore the settings a bit - there are at least three options.


If that doesn't work for you, let me know and I'll see if I can convert the script for Chrome.



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Thank you Pat for the prompt response. I appreciate the suggestions. I have tried it. It is an interesting option. If you ever do something similar for Chrome, I will be a taker. Thanks. :)

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