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  1. Excellent - thanks for the pointer, Deanishe. There's a ton of other useful stuff in there too on Dynamic Placeholder that I hadn't seen.
  2. In Snippets I'm able to create a shortcut for today's date or date time 7 days from now with the simple syntax: `{date +7d}` and `{date time +7d}` What I'm trying to do however is use the {date:short} snippet in the same way, so: `{date:short +7d}` However this outputs: "11 (second: 38)" My question: is there any way of using {date:short} with Snippet date arithmetic? Thanks!
  3. Hi, A feature I use a lot in Alfred 3 is using Alfred's Search Bar as a scratchpad for quick Snippet expansions that I need to get onto the clipboard. For example, I invite Alfred, type pg` which expands to one of my email address, select all and copy, etc. Originally this didn't work in Alfred 3, but after a discussion here (can't find the thread) it was added—and appreciated! Unfortunately this feature isn't working in Alfred 4. Is there any chance you could add it back in at a future date? On a positive note, Alfred 4 looks brilliant. I'm really looking forward to digging in. Congratulations on the great work! Thanks, Pat
  4. @Vero - that would be very welcome if/when it’s on the table. Meantime, things will improve each day here as the mass of emails with the same mod date move beyond 3, 7 days mod date etc. Thanks for your speedy, useful answers—much appreciated!
  5. @Vero Thanks! I checked and unfortunately a lot of my older emails have a Mod Date of 12 Jan 2019—must have happened during some iCloud issues I was having over the weekend. I guess there's no easy way to restrict to creation date only?
  6. @Vero - thanks for this flow. Is there any way to get it to sort Mail.app's results returned by creation or modification date? I get a mix of emails near the top that span the last 10 years! I tried changing the file filter date range to last 30 days, but it doesn't seem to affect the results. Thanks, Pat
  7. @deanishe - never mind what I mean by "reference" - the List Filter suggestion is *exactly* what I need - thank you! It's perfect!
  8. @deanishe - thanks for taking the time to reply. I think I wasn't clear (I do know what a symlink is). What is need to do is display a list of references to files or folders rather than the names of the files or folders, and I want the references to be navigable in Alfred. I also want the list of references to be automatically created by Alfred. If I use Tags/Keywords for this as you suggest, I can add a tag called "Favorite" or something like that and tag all the files/folders. Then I can get the list of items with these tags in Alfred. Plus the results listed are navigable. The problem is, I want unique references to be returned as the result. I tried with Spotlight Comments. So, for example, I added "Alias - Script Resources" to the Get Info Comment field. This was cool, as I was able to add a unique reference, but the results returned are still the actual file folder names, and not the Comment references. With all that in mind, I can think of a way of achieving this, but it does seem convoluted (is there an easier way)? - Create my unique Mac Aliases - Use a Workflow to display them as Results - Pass the selected result to AppleScript that resolves the Alias to original (equivalent of Cmd+R) - Pass the new path back to Alfred for navigating Think that's my best option? Thanks!
  9. Thanks @deanishe - I created a symlink but Alfred doesn't seem to have registered it. I type "[SPACE]Alias - Documents" and the Alias doesn't appear in the list of Mac Aliases. Seems Spotlight doesn't reference symlinks. Is there perhaps a way in Alfred to get it to show a list of specific folders, preferably with alternative names?
  10. When I invoke Alfred, type "Space" + "[Folder Name]" I can then select the folder, and use the right arrow to navigate into it. Nice! However, I also have Mac aliases on my drive that have easy-to-remember names. I'd like to be able to do the same in Alfred. But when I type "Space" + "[Alias Name]" then use the right arrow, it takes me to the containing folder of the alias and not the content of the aliased folder. Is there any way to get aliases to replicate the behavior of folders? Thanks, Pat
  11. @dfay – it'll take me a day or two to digest what you've posted, but it looks like what I was looking for - thanks!
  12. Hi Rob, Thanks for the very useful workflow. I'm wondering is there any way to add a search that will produce the same results as appear in Ulysses "Last 7 Days" folder, but within the Alfred results window? Or even just sort the sheet results by modification date? I see there is a 'open-recent' action in the callback documentation you post above, though using it is beyond me except for creating a bookmark of the type: ulysses://x-callback-url/open-recent Thanks!
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