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Alfred Remote & Photoshop

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EDIT: A more thorough write-up can be found here...


While attempting to find ways to implement Alfred Remote into my workflow, I learned that Photoshop supports Applescript (can't believe it took me this long to find out).


Combining Alfred Remote & Photoshop is cool. Among other things, you can launch Photoshop Actions.


As an example, I use Photoshop actions to highlight portions of a document and then create a tear effect that I use in Keynote presentations. Before, I had to remember the keyboard shortcuts I assigned to the various actions and run them at various times. This worked okay.


Now, with Alfred Remote, it is a much easier process.


I can make a selection (or selections) using the marquee tool in Photoshop and with the press of a button in Alfred Remote, the selection is highlighted. I then begin the tear effect action. I can then apply a brush to the top, left, right and bottom each with a separate button. I have buttons for decreasing and increasing brush size (although I still primarily use the bracket keys) and a final action that saves the image to my desktop and closes it in Photoshop.




Example Applescript for running an action in Photoshop...

on alfred_script()
  tell application "Adobe Photoshop CC 2014"
do action "cool action" from "Main Action"
  end tell
end alfred_script

Example Applescript for pressing a key on the keyboard (left bracket key)...

on alfred_script()
  tell application "Adobe Photoshop CC 2014"
tell application "System Events" to key code 30
  end tell
end alfred_script

Now, using my left hand, I run the various actions from Alfred Remote on my iPhone/iPad while applying the brushes with my right hand using my mouse/trackpad. I've used this setup to the point that I can do it all without looking at my iPhone/iPad to press buttons.


Video demonstration (I performed the actions slower in the video so the button presses in Alfred Remote can be seen)...


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