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Paste formatted timestamp?

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Hi folks,


New user here, and loving Alfred so far - it's replaced a few other productivity apps and scripts for me, which is fantastic!


I've migrated various snippets from TextExpander into Alfred, but there's one I can't lose (yet) because it's dynamic. I use it to paste a formatted timestamp - I type a keyword, and TextExpander pastes my initials followed by a formatted timestamp where the cursor is in the foreground app.




[JO 30/03/2015 @ 19:57]


TextExpander takes a text string and placeholders as inputs - so the above uses:


[JO %d/%m/%Y @ %H:%M]


Where % denotes the start of a placeholder (in this case, to add the day, hour, etc.).


I'd love to replace this with Alfred - any ideas?


Thanks in advance,



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Hi both,


Thanks very much for all your input! I have, though, stumbled upon an even easier method while experimenting with raguay.customct's workflow (thanks for that!). I've created a workflow with just a keyword input and a copy to clipboard action (with paste enabled) with the following value:


[JO {date:short} @ {time}]


The {date} and {time} placeholder snippets are built into Alfred - the short version of the date snippet is perfect. The above lets me drop in a string like this:


[JO 31/03/2015 @ 16:05]


Thanks all!

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