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This workflow demonstrates the Haskell Alfred Library. The workflow allows text to be converted to different formats. The following commands are:
This command takes a string in the Alfred Prompt. You then pick the type of conversion you want. The result is pushed on to the clipboard.
This command starts a dedicated web server for performing the text conversion.
This command closes the dedicated web server.

You then use a GET requests to port 8000 of your localhost with the conversion type and the string. It will return to you the converted string.


Example:  http://localhost:8000/title/this is a test


will return


This is a Test

There is a hotkey for numbering the lines of text in the clipboard.
There is also an external trigger for taking text from the clipboard and allowing the user to select a converter. There is a hotkey for triggering that external trigger also that takes the current selection and puts it into the clipboard.
Version:        1.2 - July 31, 2015
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Hi, I just noticed a problem with ampersands in the input string killing proper xml processing of the script filter. It now escapes all ampersands before pushing the xml to Alfred. If anyone sees anything else like this, just let me know. I use this all the time, but rarely use an ampersand in a title.

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