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Open URL's action in new Chrome Window?

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Im creating a workflow to launch a new Chrome browser window and open a group of sites. Is there anyway to launch a new window and then execute the 'open url' actions? I thought maybe 'keyword->applescript->open url would do the trick but I cant link these together. Any help much appreciated.

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I think SBScriptingBridge and a little python would do the trick :)

Here's a little code to get you started:


from Foundation import *
from ScriptingBridge import *


chrome = SBApplication.applicationWithBundleIdentifier_("com.google.chrome")

newWindow = chrome.classForScriptingClass_("window").alloc().init()


firstTab = newWindow.tabs().objectAtIndex_(0)


newTab = chrome.classForScriptingClass_("tab").alloc().init()


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