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Send Message/Content to Pushover

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Hi There,


I have been using the great Alfred Extension created by Jarhead to send messages and content to Pushover App on iPhones, iPads, and Android Devices. I find it incredibly useful and use multiple versions of it with different Pushover accounts to send specific notifications to specific devices.


Having just started using the Beta of V2 I needed to update it to a workflow and I asked Jarhead if that was OK especially as his website was down so it was hard to get the existing version and he kindly agreed.


Worth noting this is my first attempt at this and its likely I have missed things or it could be improved on so any suggestions would be great. Specifically if anyone knows how to display the actual text of the message sent in notification center that would be great.


If you want to grab a copy of the file its here in a dropbox link - http://db.tt/tDHGv6Hv


Let me know if there is a better way to share it!





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Hey tmbuk!


I actually just wrapped up building a workflow that does this for myself today and decided to search the forum to see if anyone did anything similar and I found this post! Glad to see someone else thought to do this.  :)


I figured out how to get Alfred to show the text passed with {query} within Notification Center. Turns out that the Keyword input had to be directly attached to the Post Notification output, not the script itself.


Check it out here: http://db.tt/b4YauDLj


(New users, don't forget to enter your API Token and User Key in the script!)

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