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Take photo with your Mac's camera

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I put this together as a learning exercise because I am just learning.

It uses an old terminal command named imagesnap http://www.manorts.com/alfred/imagesnap.zip

Docs are in the archive and if I can understand them, anyone can. There are quite a few options you can use.

My workflow is real basic. I have a keyword 'snap' followed by a space and argument that activates my script. e.g snap testpic.jpg

One of the command switches is real handy, imagesnap -t 30. It takes a photo every 30 seconds until you end the script. Good to see who is at your computer during your coffee break.

on alfred_script(q)
tell application "Terminal"
		do script "imagesnap " & q
        delay 5
end tell
end alfred_script

Edited the script so terminal window does not open and to put a delay to let the script finish before quitting the Terminal

Edited by Colin
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