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Interact and communicate with Slack


You can download the workflow from Packal or from Github.

  • List channels or groups to open in the Slack app:
slack <channel/group>


  • List users to open in the Slack app:
slack <user>
  • Open a channel, group or user directly in the Mac OS Slack app:
slack <channel/group/user>
  • List messages from a specific channel, group or user:
slack <channel/group/user>
  • Send a message to a channel, group or user:
slack <channel/group/user> <message>
  • Mark all channels as read
slack --mark
  • List the files within the team
slack --files <search>
  • List the items starred
slack --stars <search>
  • Search both messages and files
slack --search <query>
  • Set the user presence (either active or away)
slack --presence <active|away>


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