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Workflow Roundup

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Welcome to our new users! I wanted to let you all know that I've moved the latest versions of my workflows from Droplr to my personal site, at http://alfred.daniel.sh. There, you'll find download links and documentation for:

  • Kindle Bookstore;
  • DEVONthink Note;
  • Secure Copy;
  • Create New File;
  • Scratch Files;
  • Thoughts;
  • Background Command;
  • iTunes Store;
  • Open in Sublime;
  • Kobo Bookstore;
  • and PyAl.

I'll slowly be looking for old posts and updating the links there, but this seemed a bit more efficient. As always, please don't hesitate to get in touch via the forums, e-mail, or Twitter if anything goes wrong.

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I'd be interested in a little further detail about how to add a server to Secure Copy. I have a Mac mini I access from my MacBook Pro (and vice versa) and would love to be able to use Alfred to move files back and forth.


Or have I missed the point...?


The scp command that the workflow's built around copies files over SSH. So if you had an SSH server running on your Mac Mini, say, you could add it to the workflow by entering "scp add Mini [username] [password] [LAN IP or Bonjour address] [path to copy to] http://" (the base URL is unfortunately necessary, even if you don't use it). And, of course, vice-versa for your MacBook.

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I suppose it'd help if I knew what SSH meant. Nevermind.  :blink:


Hah, it actually ought to be less complicated than it sounds. You should just be able to switch "Remote Login" on under System Preferences→Sharing, then use your short username and password to scp back and forth between the two machines. However, I've only ever done it with professionally-hosted servers, so there may be a configuration step that I'm missing and your mileage may accordingly vary.

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