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Advanced Drupal Workflow

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This plugin caches the Drupal api function list's locally and shows the variables that the function expects to receive as well, hitting enter opens the relevant page on api.drupal.org.


Drupal API lookup
d5 [substring_of-hook]  (cached for 90 days)

d6 [substring_of-hook]  (cached for 90 days)

d7 [substring_of-hook]  (cached for 30 days)

d8 [substring_of-hook]  (cached for 2 days)


dg [nid or group]


do [nid or project]


Search Drupal site network
ds [string to search]


Drupal user
du [user id or name]


Drush (drush as per Alfred v1 Drupal plugin)
dd d [command]  (a Drush alias with a Drush command command Action - Invokes Drush

dd o [command]  (a Drush alias Action - Opens the URI associated with the Drush alias in a browser)


Download at: http://realityloop.com/blog/2013/03/15/advanced-drupal-workflow-alfred-v2


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