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Tmux workflow

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I created a Tmux workflow for myself. Below is the screenshot.


It is heavily integrated with how Tmux is setup on my machine, so it might not be very useful to other people. However it might inspire people to create something they like :-P


Here is what it does

  • Open my default Tmux session, list all windows, put the active window as the first, last active window as the second, other windows are shown after
  • Each item shows the window's index and name
  • In the subtitle, list panes and the process(e.g. vim, idle shell + current directory, other long running processes)
  • I can type window index or window name to narrow down to one window
  • When there is only one window, show panes list
  • Commands can follow window index + pane index and they'll be sent to the right pane to run

Code lives here: https://github.com/gcao/Tmux.alfredworkflow




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