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  1. Hi, As an OCD person, I felt compulsive to open this feature request: Can Alfred show 10 results a time instead of 9? And use Cmd+0 to go to the tenth result. If this may cause conflicts with other applications that may be using Cmd+0, at least Alfred can make this an opt-in feature. Other than being able to show more results one time, utilizing the screen space better, it also provides a better pagination support. Overall I think it means better user experience. Please kindly let me know whether this is doable. I'm still on Alfred 3 and if this is added, I'll upgrade immediately as this is the only feature I really wish for. Thank you. Guoliang Cao
  2. This is a very useful workflow. However where do I find useful scripts for the apps? Are you guys all writing them by yourselves?
  3. Hi, I'm excited to see Alfred 3 out. However before upgrading, I wonder whether it's completely backward compatible with custom workflows. Has anyone seen problem with any workflows after upgrading to v3? Thanks, Cao
  4. I created a Tmux workflow for myself. Below is the screenshot. It is heavily integrated with how Tmux is setup on my machine, so it might not be very useful to other people. However it might inspire people to create something they like :-P Here is what it does Open my default Tmux session, list all windows, put the active window as the first, last active window as the second, other windows are shown after Each item shows the window's index and name In the subtitle, list panes and the process(e.g. vim, idle shell + current directory, other long running processes) I can type window index or window name to narrow down to one window When there is only one window, show panes list Commands can follow window index + pane index and they'll be sent to the right pane to run Code lives here: https://github.com/gcao/Tmux.alfredworkflow
  5. It'll be nice to configure shortcut key for below operations on the Alfred window: Page Up Page Down Up Down Currently, after triggering the alfred and entering some query, user have to move hand away from home row to navigate in results. It's especially hard to Page up and down because they requires both hands (Fn + Up/Down) If we can configure Cmd+H/J/K/L or Ctrl+H/J/K/L for these operations, it'll make navigation much easier.
  6. Another big issue is that the bookmarklet file is inside the workflow folder. Every time the workflow is updated, bookmarklet file will be overwritten. Need to look into that asap.
  7. I've updated the workflow path to "~/Dropbox/..." as a short term workaround. I'll need to look into alfred environment variables to get workflow home dir. It should be possible to pull pre-existing bookmarklets. I think bookmarklets are stored in a sqlite db, we could extract all urls which starts with 'javascript' and append to the bookmarklets file. I'll add it to my roadmap.
  8. I updated the workflow. Now I'm escaping '<', '>', '&' when generating the xml string. When I find some time I might switch to use a xml library. Please try again.
  9. Sorry this is my first public workflow and not a lot of testing is done. I should add Alpha or Beta in the name Did you include "javascript:" in your javascript part? Please note that should not be included. You might want to enable debug mode and check the output to see what is wrong.
  10. I've updated the icon and fixed a issue. Please re-download from above link if you have the old one installed.
  11. No problem. I'll switch to a different icon. I started building this one from the one you created and didn't bother changing the icon. Since you asked, I'll change it. Thanks again for your work.
  12. Hi, Just want to share a workflow I created recently. It allows one to edit and run bookmarklets in Chrome easily. It can be invoked with "bm" keyword or Command+Shift+B hot key. (This workflow was intrigued by the AlfredBookmarklets workflow created by vitor) When "Edit bookmarklets" is selected, bookmarklets file will be opened in TextEdit. New bookmarklets can be added like Bookmarklet description: javascript code goes after ':' IMPORTANT: if you have installed this workflow before and added your own bookmarklets, please backup the bookmarklets file before re-install or upgrade the workflow. How to backup: In Alfred window, enter "bm" and select "Edit Bookmarklets" item, in the TextEdit window, save a copy to your Documents dir. How to restore from backup: After install the new workflow, follow same process above to open the Bookmarklets file, copy content from your backup and save. Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/391e0si9aw3hbk1/Bookmarklets.alfredworkflow?dl=0
  13. I was able to mimic this behavior with the help of Keyboard Maestro. However, the result I read from sqlite db is not very good as it only contains the partial word I typed, not the real operation chosen. This makes the workflow not very useful
  14. +1 I registered here just to ask about this feature. Is this in the roadmap already? Thanks.
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