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Alfred hotkey not following settings


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Just downloaded alfred v3 this morning, migrated settings and all other necessary tidbits. Then did my deep muscle memory gesture cmd+space and... Nothing happened. Retried. Still nothing.


Tried option+space. It worked, so I went to the settings to update and then whatever I was setting as `alfred hotkey` the only way to show it was option+space. Here are some SC using karabiner to show which keys I pressed on my keyboard.


Alfred 2 is working perfectly.



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Unfortunately, I have to re-write this because when trying to upload an attachment, it navigated away from this page and lost everything I wrote. So this version will be shorter.


I am experiencing the same symptoms. I'm also using Karabiner to map Caps Lock to F19. I successfully reassigned the hotkey, but it didn't make a difference, despite being updated in the Preferences UI. My theme preference and menu bar preference are also not being reflected. 


Screenshots: http://d.pr/i/bEzxhttp://d.pr/i/wzxP


I had originally quitted Alfred from Alfred Preferences > Quit Alfred Preferences. (which I'm now seeing is not quitting Alfred) and quit Alfred directly and now my settings are being reflected. 

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