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A snippet pack to make putting the true unicode equivalents of things like :sparkles:, :lipstick:, and other emojis used in git commits easier to type. It gives them names relevant to coding. 
Of course the official gitmoji has a CLI but suppose you want to use an IDE or don't want to install npm but already have Alfred Powerpack, or you just want a more inline way way of adding emoji, or you want the emoji to work with $git log (e.g. :sparkles: will not be interpreted by git log); if so, this is for you. 


  • :sparkles: -> :add: Because one uses ✨ when adding new features
  • :penguin: -> :lin: Because one uses ? when making linux related changes
  • :checkered_flag: -> :win: Because one uses ? for windows related changes
  • :heavy_plus_sign: -> :+dep: Because one uses ➕   when adding dependencies



Added benefit of making emojis appear with $git log because they are just unicode after using this.
Inspired by: https://gitmoji.carloscuesta.me/
And also: https://github.com/atom/atom/blob/7929e261a0d6e78ff4ca5196c8b385946e64dbd9/CONTRIBUTING.md#git-commit-messages


Full mapping details and download is available on the github

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