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  1. For me it's normally 5-10 secs, even on a fresh OS X install. (After Spotlight has finished indexing)
  2. Okay, so let's hope on OS X indexing improvements because sometimes it's so slow. I will try a rebuild. You're right, I prefer Alfred to be lightweight and less power consuming! Thanks
  3. Hey guys, If I drop a new app into my /Applications folder, the most times I want to open it immediately with Alfred (Press Shortcut and type in the first letters of the name). But often the directory is not indexed yet so I have to remove the last letter / add the last letter / remove / add / remove / add / .. because otherwise the results aren't updated. Is there a way to let Alfred watch the Applications folder so that the result is immediately available after I've dragged the new app into? I know I've probably spent more time asking this question than I ever need to wait for a new app to be indexed in my whole life, but you know it just feels not right IMHO. Warm regards from Germany, Dennis
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