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  1. Hello everyone, I have a workflow to launch a quick entry dialog window (which is actually a small Chrome app based on Notion's Web Clipper) for Notion input. I launch it by using a key combination and it works just fine. After I input the text I press the Enter key to send the note to Notion and I would like to also be able to quit the dialog window. How can I do that? Thank you so much.
  2. Hello everyone, I would like to be able to search for a Tag in Alfred and see all related tagged files in a Finder window. So far I can only have the results to show in a list in the Alfred window, and from there I can only do one of two things: either select one of the results to open it, or show it in Finder. This last option does show the selected file, but among all the other files in that folder, regardless of their own tag. What I would like, on the other hand, is this: say I type "tags bank" in Alfred, I would like to have the option to open a Finder window that shows all the files tagged with "bank", something like what you get when using the search field in a Finder window. Is this at all possible? I do hope that I was able to explain myself. Thank you so much. All the best, Rui
  3. Oh yes, I will do that. Thank you for the tip
  4. Hi deanishe, Yeah, I was afraid that would be the case Thank you so much, anyway.
  5. Hello everyone, I was trying to create a couple Snippets for things I often use in Evernote, and I'm having some trouble getting the Snippet to do what I need. Mainly these two things: 1. links - I would like to include a link to one specific Evernote note in my snippet, but I don't want the link itself, but a phrase that contains the link. So I want the following second example, not the first one: http://www.alfredforum.com/ Visit Alfred's forum Is that possible? 2. formating - In another snippet I would like to include a short check list, and a couple bullet points. When I copy and paste these from Evernote into the snippet builder in Alfred, I get the following: [ ] check1 [ ] check2 - bullet1 - bullet2 And of course, when I use the snippet in Evernote, I get the same thing, and not the usual Evernote checkboxes and bullet points. Is there a way to get the correct formatting for these types of things? Thank you so much, and I hope I was able to explain what I mean, Rui
  6. Yeah, I figured that would be the case What if I have the document in my local Google Drive folder? Could I point Alfred to it? Thanks a lot, Rui
  7. Hello everyone, I was wondering if it would be possible to create a search in Alfred for a specific Google Documents spreadsheet? I know how to search Google Drive to find a document, but I would like to be able to search through the data inside a specific spreadsheet. I'm using a spreadsheet to catalog all my books, and it would be awesome if I could just type an author's name in Alfred and get back all the books associated with that author that exist in that spreadsheet. Do you think this is possible? Thank you all, Rui
  8. Hi Carlos-Sz, That is perfect And the new "Snippets" feature in Alfred 3 just made it even easier. To perform the search I need, I would have to type the complete string "evs resource:application/pdf", but I have created a Snippet in Alfred, "evpdf", and it expands the full string, so I only need to type the Snippet, followed by whatever I'm looking for, and voilĂ . Fantastic! Thank you so much for your help
  9. @juliosecco Yep, that does the trick Thank you so much, once more.
  10. Hello everyone, Is there a way to search inside PDFs in Evernote exclusively? I mean, when I type something in Alfred (I'm using the Evernote workflow), I get results that are from matches inside the PDFs in Evernote, but I also get all the matches that are simply in regular notes. Is this possible? Thank you so much, Rui
  11. Hello there once again, Since this worked so well, I have a couple more custom searches I would like to create. Could you guys share the process of creating the link I need for a new Alfred custom web search? I mean, from the public link I get from creating a custom Google Search, how to I get to the link you shared with me? Thank you so much!
  12. Hello there, Hurray! It worked Thank you both so much for your help. It's really appreciated. @juliosecco You are most welcome about Custom Google Search Engines. I was very happy to discover that feature as well. All the best to you guys.
  13. Hi deanishe, First of all, thank ou for your help. Unfortunately I don't think it's working as expected. You see, when I use the personalized Google search that I mentioned in my previous post, I get results from the websites I picked only, whereas in your Alfred search, I seem to be getting no results, or results from Google search help. Let me use an example. One of my favorite Sampler instrument plugins is Native Instruments Kontakt. I need tutorials to learn Kontakt, so I go to my personalized Google Search, type Kontakt, and I get results matching Kontakt in only the websites I chose for my personalized Google Search. When I do the same using your search in Alfred, this is what I get https://cse.google.com/?cx=013315504628135767172%3Ad6shbtxu-uo&cof=FORID%3A10&ie=UTF-8&q=kontakt#gsc.tab=0&gsc.q=kontakt&gsc.page=1 Not what I wanted Maybe I wasn't able to explain what I need. Sorry if that was the case. And thank you again for taking the time.
  14. Hello everyone, I ofter have to browse several sites for video tutorials, so I go on each of them, type the tutorial I am looking for and see what they have. Then I go to the next site and repeat the process. It works, but I started wondering if I could search all sites at once. First I thought I could do it in Alfred, but because most of these sites search is more of a browse thing, I can't get the {query} string that is needed to do that. Here's one of them so you know what I mean https://www.macprovideo.com/ Maybe you can go around this somehow, but I couldn't figure it out. So I searched Google for a solution, and found Custom Google Search Engines. I didn't even knew it existed, but it does. So you can create a personalized Google search engine that only looks into the sites you want. Pretty cool. Here's the one I just created https://cse.google.com/cse/publicurl?cx=016685344683901672096:56dgrtoymes Now, with this is mind, would it be possible to use the personalized Google search from Alfred? Thank you all so much for the time, Rui
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