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  1. I have added support for iOS Safari web browser. Download it from GitHub. It requires iOS 12 and Shortcuts app.
  2. I'm sorry I couldn't find the way to get the title and URL from the Firefox. I also want to support it. Thanks.
  3. I didn't know the format of the rich text hyperlink before you mention it. I will add it soon. Thank you! Update: I've updated my workflow to copy a rich text hyperlink also. Thanks.
  4. Problem and Solution I'm heavy user of Evernote. During internet surfing, I collect enormous amount of links. But copy and paste process consumes too much time and keyboard labor. I just needed titled link in plain format from web browser. I used many clipboard managers such as Clipmate(for windows), Copied, Paste and so on for that reason. Finally, I met Alfred and made this workflow. Problem solved. Lazy Link replaces following process into one hotkey(Ctrl + Option + Command + v). Copy the title of web page on the web browser Paste it as plain text on your rich text editor (eg. Evernot
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