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  1. After upgraded to v4 from v3, the application search results are very weird. Sometime the keyword won't return the correct result, such as I input Fork, it returned ForkLift, but Fork app is not listed. I input Sonos, the sonos app is not showed. I tried with Spotlight and it works fine. I tried to clean the application cache, and some are fixed, but still have this kind of issues with other terms. Do I need to rebuild the spotlight metadata?
  2. Wondering are you guys all get "Recent Documents" feature working? This feature has stopped working for me more than one year. I have contact the support and apparently he cannot help me out. I can view recent documents of an app if it's previously openned through Alfred, but Alfred cannot show recent documents of an app if it's not opened through Alfred. This is very frustrated. Just wondering if this is only happen to me?
  3. Same problem here, even with official mavericks and the latest alfred update
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