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  1. Thanks for the reply. I ended up just creating one. For some reason I thought there would be more to it than just opening the files with the target app
  2. Could you please re-upload this workflow?
  3. Appreciate the share, this works really well. I don't need currency conversion very often, so I know in a couple of months when I try it again, I'm not going to remember that the currency code needs to be inserted before the amount. It would be cool if you could allow for it coming after the number also.
  4. @Zee, @Carlos-Sz, Same here - tried removing and installing fresh and have the latest version of Alfred and the workflow. No luck. I ended up installing another workflow that just handles recent downloads for now: https://github.com/ddjfreedom/recent-downloads-alfred-v2
  5. I'm having trouble with the recent Downloads feature. Gets stuck on loading and the script runs wild in the background. Tried reinstalling - didn't help. Any suggestions?
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