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  1. I tried using {clipboard:0} and {clipboard:1} in Open URL object but it didn't work. I tried using pbpaste but that's only for the last clipboard item. Any ideas?
  2. I am just new to Alfred and trying to write some workflows that I can use. The use case I am facing a lot is, opening a page and checking the value of something. I want to write a script that opens the page, crawls the value by xpath or regex, and prints it as a list item in Alfred. This sounds like a very common case, so wanted to ask if there is a tutorial or sample code for this..
  3. I am trying to do the same thing in Alfred 3 the above workflow didnt work for me. How do i input 2 seperate numbers and trigger this script when I press Enter?
  4. Sent the log. Yeah, I just checked my meeting names, they have [],-,/,: characters in them. I installed this yesterday and I didnt have any meetings yesterday. Butt it wasn't giving any errors either. I am using only Outlook. Thanks a lot.
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