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  1. Martien, the errors seem to have been largely eliminated. I was able to get it to throw an error by mixing the order of things up (putting priority after the task, then label, then time for example) - but if I am disciplined in how I enter the order of things, I don't get errors anymore. I still cannot, however, get labels or priority to work. There are no error messages, there is no indication of poor syntax or anything like that, it's just that those values are not captured by Todoist. I've even tried entering just a task name, followed by priority (or followed by a label) - stil
  2. Martien, First of all - congratulations! I hope you are getting some sleep. Often, that's a problem. Secondly - I will try your suggestion. I've just torn my Todoist setup down recently and am starting anew with a very different configuration than I'd used before. The timing is good to rename things. I will check back in and report my results. Thanks! Rique
  3. Using Brewdoctor, I was able to make improvements. However, I still get the occasional error and cannot get labels or priority to work at all. Would anyone have any idea of what I should check next? Martien?
  4. Hello Martien, I am having an issue with this workflow. I have installed Brew, have installed node.js, fixed an issue with the symlinks (all seems well with node now), the node -v command returns a "7.4" string - so all is well, correct? Not quite... for any feature which requires node, I get an error or a failure (without an error). For example, when I use this syntax with Alfred (todo my task, tomorrow @ 9, Single actions - {with Single actions signifying the Project} ), I get an error - and the task is not entered. If I stay away from project entry and only try to us
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