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  1. Hi @oreadings - I had that problem too, until I deleted it and replaced it with this version kindly setup by @ianhowson Good luck ?
  2. Hi @Benjamski I'm no expert of the log output so can't comment, but I had problems, I reinstalled a clean copy from here, which I think is the 'official' location and then followed the instructions to create the two directories, which is the bit you're stuck on? If that is the bit you're stuck on, then in more explicit language this is what I did: open Finder from my Home folder (in my case Macintosh HD > Users > Alan), I clicked to open the folder `Library`, it may be hidden, if so then click to select the folder Macintosh HD > Users > Ben (assuming
  3. PS: Thanks, this fix worked where others hadn't - thanks a lot Greth
  4. Hi, I can't get a list of current repeat timers, I've tried Nuke but the timers keep popping up and I still can't see a list. Does anyone know if this is just because Alfred 3 and eggtimer v2 are no longer compatible? Cheers,
  5. Thanks Carlos—I tried all sorts of ways to get the token in with 1.3 but maybe not the one you noted, but either way thank you for the tip and **thank you** for v1.4 - it's great! PS: I had to quit and open Alfred (latest v3 ver) for `ps` and other Pinboard commands to work, obvious probably but in case of any help to anyone.
  6. +1 for @bgrinter's question. When I first ran the workflow prompted for my API token but then was unable to use it. I went to try reentering it by deleting the workflow and adding it, by using ptoken, but both fail. Delete and reinstall results in the 1st run never re-prompting. ptoken does not allow me to enter my token. Debug shows the same as above post. Tks lots for any pointers anyone
  7. Hi Andrew, Can confirm b652 fixes it, thank you! Cheers, -Alan
  8. Hi, In Texexpander I have a snippet that auto expands when I type !ssh and another when I type !!ssh Migrating them to Alfred showed up that the Alfred algorithm (appears to) not recognize my snippet !!ssh (two exclamation points) since when I type it I see the contents of !ssh (one exclamation point). Cheers, -Alan
  9. Hi, Thanks for this excellent Alfred app. Please may I trouble you to let me know where I can find the docs since 'timer help' no longer seems to go anywhere? Thanks, cheers, -Alan
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