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  1. Brilliant, thanks! Yes, it works well. Trouble is, it doesn't find the email I've lost. So, that suggests it's in the ether!? I fear that my sync isn't quite right from Mac to iPhone. But your workflow is brilliant and finds all others superbly. My adding Meta Data etc sounds fun, but will need to find time to experiment as I'm new to such things! Keep up the good work.
  2. Thank you! All starting to get a little too technical for me, but I'll see what I can do! Thanks again
  3. ... and to know that it searches all of Mail.app. Being 'inbox zero' ensuring all folders incl. Trash are scoured, would help!
  4. Thanks. Really kind. I have that workflow already, and really appreciate your reply. Thing is, in giving me a long list of potentials matches, it doesn't hugely help. Perhaps you can help. If I want to find an email that I know Jonny sent, and somewhere it had the words 'preference' and 'June', is there a way I can help Alfred find it?!?
  5. Hi there I'm spending too long sifting emails (even though I'm an 'inbox zero' kind of guy!) Can Alfred help? If I know who sent it, and a couple of keywords from the email, will Alfred make some suggestions? Because of all the threads etc, it can otherwise feel like a needle in a haystack. Thanks so much, Adam
  6. Thank you Vitor - that's absolutely perfect! I'll enjoy looking at the Workflow to try and understand what I was doing wrong and have a go for another time! Thanks again, so so grateful Adam
  7. Sorry folks, this sounds like an easy one! I've tried to create, but can't crack it. Essentially, I'd like a Workflow where my search is limited to folder names in my home directory only, rather than other similarly named files. Doable? As I say, I tried to set something up... but it didn't work! THanks Adam
  8. Ok, so "whoops" turns out there's a useful guide on your website! Is it regularly updated? I'll start there though....
  9. If Alfred were paid in 'penny per use' he'd be rich. This App is simply wonderful and been part of my Mac for years now. I wonder how many Workflows I miss out on? I know we all have different needs, but is there a quick way of seeing New Workflows? (a monthly email, or should I check the forum?) Or indeed a Gallery of most downloaded Workflows? Be so great to quickly check back from time to time and see anything I need to add to my Alfred setup! Thanks again for a brilliant App. Adam
  10. It works superbly... and even given me a sneaky insight into some basic scripting of such things! Thanks so much.
  11. Hi everyone I'm a longtime Alfred PPack user, but never really taken the time I should have done to make the most of Workflows. I use the 'Open in Chrome...' workflow when I stumble across a page with Flash in Safari, but now realise I could reload the page for iOS from the Safari> Develop menu. Is it possible I can write a Workflow to do this? Thanks so much Adam
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