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  1. That would work for an English system. Anyway, what would the workflow look like?


    1. you place a paper on a scanner

    2. you bring Alfred and type enscan (for example)

    3. then Evernote workflow would start Image Capture and click Scan button


    Is that all?


    I’ll consider it but it seems it will only work in an English system and Image Capture should be configured before.


    Your description is exactly my idea! Thank you, for your wonderful support.


    I use a German system, is there a chance that this script will work with "some" German words at the right place? I made this experience already

    with other Apple scripts. E.g. this workflow

  2. Hey, Davide. I got too many things at hand this weekend. I may have to postpone adding SIP or Viber call to next weekend. However, I managed to upgrade some basic infrastructures for Uni Call. Please refer to the changelog and check out the new version: http://guiguan.github.io/Uni-Call/  :P


    Hi Guiguan, thanks for the info and the new version 4.2. Works great on my machine!

    One more request: I don't use Phone Amego but PushDialer. There is already a workflow for this but would be great to have all in one.

    What do you think?

  3. Hi, Davide. ...

    I can certainly add a new call type "Sip Call". But before that, as I have no one to make a sip call to, could you please verify the url scheme to see if it works?


    Hi Guiguan,

    Thanks for your reply! Well, I would prefer to use the url scheme tel:{query}. So I can call everybody in my contacts, doesn't mater if land line, cell phone or VoIP. That works perfectly with Telephone from Contacts and links in Safari, e.g. <a href="tel:+123456789" target="_self">, but if I try it from Alfred Contacts action it doesn't work, regardless if I use sip:{query} or tel:{query}. The cursor jumps to Telephone App but without number.

  4. OK, after a bit of research, I found that I did indeed MISS adding Macmini3,1 as an identifier in the xml. The download in the first post has been updated!


    Thanks Roger! Icon shows up now.

  5. I can't get Alfred to show submenus, but you can delete some of the formats you don't use ;) There are 4 formats on the far left; delete the ones you don't need, and you'll have fewer results. If you want them back again later, you can always reinstall the workflow later :)


    I asked David Ferguson. Here his answer

  6. I love the Alfred icons. Meanwhile there are many more file actions workflows but the icons have of course different styles. Would be great if Alfred had some more icons in the genuine Alfred style for download. E.g. for Move to Dropbox, Zip file or Tag file?


    Anybody more suggestions?

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