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  1. hey you guys! Maybe You can help me! I tried this workflow,......and everything disappeared from my desktop, even the icon of my hard drive. Also, i´m not able to drag and drop anything to my desktop, although I´m able to do this and find my files in the Desktop folder on the finder. I use drag and drop to my desktop a lot, but I´m not able to revert the situation. I´m running Alfred 3 with high sierra on a 15" Macbook Pro 14,3 Can any of you help me to have my desktop back the way this has always been? EDIT: Problem Solved! Just in case something similar happen to any of you because the preferences got corrupted you could try the following two commands in the Terminal: $ defaults write com.apple.finder CreateDesktop true $ killall Finder
  2. MacbookPro14,3 MBP mid 2017 15" this is the output of number 3 82 0 0xffffff7f84c86000 0xa000 0xa000 com.apple.driver.AppleHIDKeyboard (203) 433F59A0-95EC-384A-8B8A-9A7A6A042119 <49 5 4 3> I have just seen a new version from days ago and updated the workflow. But not tried again jet. hope this info i gave you can help..... i really like the idea Kind Regards
  3. i just tried this once...... it worked.....locked my Keyboard... but not only for 30 Sec....the keyboard didn´t came back til I rebooted the machine ? Good part is... i cleaned my mac?
  4. I´m in high Sierra 10.13.3. I do also use Bartender and this only makes an action in case I do have shown the BT icon if its hidden under bartender....simply makes nothing. As I said, the workflow unfolds the menu and selects the item for me. But do not click this, and as long a usually I do have the focus on other places I do need to move the trackpad to there and click it myself. Thanks for quick Reply!
  5. I´m interested in this one. Not sure if this is the way this should work, opens the menu, selects my airpods, opens submenu saying connect......but stops there, i need to press intro to connect
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