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  1. Hi @vitor, Thanks for your reply! The object you mention would create a .txt file, right? But what if I want to create a Google document? I like it better because me and my team can work on that document at the same time.
  2. Hey guys, I'm pretty new to Alfred. I would like to create a workflow but before I go down the rabbit hole I want to ask if this is even possible: Open folder in Google Drive > Create a new folder (with a certain name) > Open that newly created folder > Create a new document (with a certain name) This is a workflow I need when producing new podcast episodes. I create a new folder called "Episode XX" inside of my episodes folder. Then, inside of that new folder I create a document called "Briefing Episode XX". If this is possible: Would you recommend to create something like that? I need it "only" once per week … but actually clicking through to the podcast folder is a pain in the a** already Thanks Katharina
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