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  1. Yep, rebuilding the OSX index did the trick. Cheers for the help David.
  2. Hi all, I've got some missing applications in Alfred that don't seem to want to show up. I'm sure they used to be there so something's happened but I'm not sure what. As far as I know, I've changed no settings. So far I've tried/checked that: Spotlight can see the apps (it can) Cleared the app cache Cleared Alfred's knowledge (just incase it helped) I'm pondering clicking the "Rebuild OS X Metadata" button but I'm reluctant to go that far. Anyone have any clues on what else I can do to try & track this down? The app's I'm trying to find in this case, are all the Microsoft 2011 apps - Word, Powerpoint etc. They all under "/Applications/Microsoft Office 2011/" and should be findable. Cheers for any help, Lee
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