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  1. You'll have to update the workflow to set the variable NEXT_USER_ID conditionally.
  2. Hi Rutger, Thanks for your interest. You can download the workflow from here. It's the Github's releases page from the workflow's repo. Please feel free to contact me if you have any further questions. Best regards, Rodrigo
  3. Thanks @CJK. @Gevor Due to heavy workload I can't currently commit to finding a fix for this bug but I am, like I previously said, open to contributions from the community.
  4. I couldn't reproduce the error on my computer but I am open to code contributions to make this plugin better.
  5. Currently there is no version in the making. There are no open issues or feature requests on alfred-chrome-incognito-workflow. @Gevor What would you like to see in a new version of this workflow?
  6. @CJK What is the purpose of declaring www as local variable in the method?
  7. There must be a way to write the condition with whose clauses. In my opinion, the condition with whose clauses look more elegant.
  8. @politicus @Gevor I just released v1.1.0. Please let me know if you find another bug.
  9. Thanks for the lesson @CJK. I think there is a small error in getting the result's count by doing: if (count T) = 0 then return null -- Logging (count T) always returns (*2*) -- Logging T returns (*,*) when no empty tabs are open. Thus, throwing an error by accessing item 1 of item 1 when no empty tab is open. It works with: if (count item 1 of T) = 0 then return null
  10. @deanishe That works but in my script it doesn't. on run argv tell application "Google Chrome" set W to every window whose mode is "incognito" if W = {} then set W to {make new window with properties {mode:"incognito"}} set [W] to W set userQuery to item 1 of argv set incognitoQuery to "https://www.google.com/search?q=" & userQuery tell W to set T to make new tab with properties {URL:incognitoQuery} close (every tab of every window whose URL contains "chrome://newtab/") set index of W to 1 activate end tell end run
  11. @CJK I implemented the suggested changes. However, the script fails to close empty tabs. I would like to know why. close (every tab of every window whose URL is "chrome://newtab/") I found that create-react-app from Facebook includes a script for finding tabs with a given URL. Just for reference, here is the link.
  12. Currently there is no such option but I will consider your request for a future release.
  13. @CJK @deanishe Thanks for taking the time to review the workflow so thoroughly! I really appreciate it. @Gevor @politicus I'll release a revised version of the workflow this weekend. Stay tuned.
  14. @politicus I just released v1.0.1. Please let me know if you find another bug.
  15. I just opened an issue on Github regarding your problem. I'll be releasing a fix today.
  16. Alfred Workflow: Swap User Swaps automatically to the next user Requirements Alfred Alfred Powerpack Assistive access enabled in System Preferences > Universal Access Installation Download the .alfredworkflow file from here Double click to install Usage How does it work From the users listed when running the following command: dscacheutil -q user | grep -A3 -B2 -e 5'[0-9][0-2'] the script excludes the current user and takes the first user from the ones remaining. Credits Workflow icon by Icons8
  17. This package http://www.packal.org/workflow/chrome-incognito only opens in Incognito mode. Disclaimer: I'm the author of the workflow.
  18. Open Google Chrome in Incognito mode. If already open, it'll open a new Incognito window. Requirements Alfred Alfred Powerpack Google Chrome Assistive access enabled in System Preferences > Universal Access Installation Download the .alfredworkflow file Double click to install Usage incognito - Opens an incognito window with Google. incognito {query} - Opens an incognito window and searches for query. Links Packal Alfred Forum Github Cr
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