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  1. I think it’d be quite nice to be able to search with Alfred and have it search against the currently-open windows across all apps: file names, app name, etc. On hitting enter it would focus to that window, to act as a quick window switcher. Is there any functionality to do this that anyone knows (I can’t find it myself), or perhaps I should start writing some AppleScript…
  2. Do you still have this workflow? The original Dropbox link is now 404, but would be very handy.
  3. Yeah that's all fine, thanks for confirming though @deanishe. This solution suits me perfectly, at least right now.
  4. Perfect! I've used a bit of AppleScript I've been using with Emacs for years: on alfred_script(q) tell application "Terminal" try if (count of windows) is 0 then do script q else do script q in window 1 end if activate on error beep end try end tell end alfred_script That works a treat: if I already have a Terminal window open it'll send the commands there, otherwise it'll create a new window.
  5. I want to find a folder with Alfred, then use the "open terminal here" action. Issue is that I don't want a new Terminal window opening; I want my existing Terminal window to have the `cd ...` command issued. Is that possible?
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