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  1. Yep, I do that. But it is annoying to create a separate file when I need to add just one one-liner written in PS into my workflow. Direct support would be superb! - Jan
  2. Hey guys, would you consider to add PowerShell into pick-up menu in Run Script action? I like that shell and I would love to use it for my Alfred workflows... Best Regards and Take Care! - Jan
  3. @kidh0: Sorry for delay - Yes, it should be possible by removing the "whose status type is not offline" from 2 lines of the code very near to the beginning of the script. @jothirams: Not yet, maybe if the next release of the workflow will be needed due to a change in Adium or Alfred I will consider to use a git repository... @Nathan: Yes, it works for me with: OS X 10.9 + Alfred 2.1.1 + Adium 1.5.9. If you have a facebook account defined that could be the root of the problem. Please try to use jabber protocol instead of native facebook Adium support to access facebook messaging...
  4. I have just "solved" my problem with the workflow - search.php starts with: if ( strlen( $query ) < 3 ): exit(1); endif; and U2 which I used to test it is simply shorter... :-) Jan
  5. Nice workflow! Even I have some problem with the search function... After typing anything after rdio keyword , for ex.: "rdio u2" the app shows only default Google, Amazon, Wikipedia searches... Do I have to setup the workflow somehow? Thanks, Jan
  6. Maybe you are facing the same problem as me. When I copy something from PDF to Word then the characters with punctuation are represented by two characters where the second one is separated punctuation. It makes problem for checkspelling, printing, ... I have created simple workflow to copy UTF-8 NFC normalized text to clipboard. The text can be pasted into Word as expected. I suggest to use Ctrl-Alt-Cmd-C shortcut for the workflow... The workflow also handles translation of the wrong representation of the character "ž" and "Ž" into the correct one (for czech language). Usage: select a text in PDF press the shortcut (for ex. Ctrl-Alt-Cmd-C) switch to Word press Cmd-V Enjoy.
  7. Just one hint: do you have enabled indexing of LN databases? Start Lotus Notes -> menu Actions -> menu item Desktop Search... -> Add... & select your mail database file -> Enable indexing... -> Apply
  8. Hello, there is a workflow for searching exchange rates of CZK (česká koruna). It uses Czech Nation Bank (ČNB) web API as a data source. If you are offline a cached version of data is used. The selected rate is copied to clipboard. The workflow is here. - Jan
  9. No problem, Jeff, go ahead... - Jan
  10. I tried to parse the XML file, but it seems to be time consuming (just traversing the XML file): I am afraid it's not feasible to do it... Just for my information how big do you have this XML file? My blist.xml file has more than 140kB... - Jan
  11. Hello Jefferson, I updated the workflow (the original link is still valid and points to the new one). Now there is a configuration section at the beginning of the Script Filter code. If you change line: set showHosts to false to: set showHosts to true the workflow will show also account server name... You can also switch off the sorting of names using: set sortNames to false to make workflow super fast :-) [edited] There is not longer a need to set sortNames to false. The speed optimisation makes it obsolete... - Jan
  12. Hi, I created yet-another-adium workflow. Features: different icon for statuses other than available contacts alphabetically sorted (except Alfred's favourites) shows IM type (jabber, icq, skype, ...) contact fetch speed optimalization [new] different icon for contacts with unread messages [new] deeper speed optimalization [new] "not found" shown when there is not a contact matching the searched text [new] "im -" shows only contacts with unread messages [new] icons for "contact not found" and "contact with new message" changed [new] shows idle time if known [new] shows status message if any The workflow is here. It seems there is a bug in Adium applescript support and the workflow could have problem with facebook contacts. But fortunately the facebook account can be connected using jabber protocol and then everything is sunny and blue... Translated: Is the workflow doesn't work for you temporarily disable facebook account... and maybe define jabber account to access facebook IM :-) - Jan
  13. Hello sirs, it would be useful to have an ability to set the subtitle for file filter results. Now, the file filter result shows Subject and URL for each item. For some usage (emails, photos, music, ...) it would be useful to show creation date/size/kind/sender address (generally other kMD attributes) instead as a subtitle... I could do something similar using xml filter and parsing mdfind results, but the overhead will make it probably really slow. Regards, Jan
  14. Just one small problem remains and I believe that it's not related to LN - I am describing the problem at the end of my linked post with published workflow: When the searched name after the keyword "ln" is typed really fast then the result is empty - when I do the same slowly it works fine... Anyway - I am happy to have it working!
  15. Problem solved - I used mdls command to check the kMD attributes of a LN message and then used the right ones. I have created a workflow which is published here. - Jan
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