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  1. Yep, I do that. But it is annoying to create a separate file when I need to add just one one-liner written in PS into my workflow. Direct support would be superb! - Jan
  2. Hey guys, would you consider to add PowerShell into pick-up menu in Run Script action? I like that shell and I would love to use it for my Alfred workflows... Best Regards and Take Care! - Jan
  3. Maybe you are facing the same problem as me. When I copy something from PDF to Word then the characters with punctuation are represented by two characters where the second one is separated punctuation. It makes problem for checkspelling, printing, ... I have created simple workflow to copy UTF-8 NFC normalized text to clipboard. The text can be pasted into Word as expected. I suggest to use Ctrl-Alt-Cmd-C shortcut for the workflow... The workflow also handles translation of the wrong representation of the character "ž" and "Ž" into the correct one (for czech language). Usage:
  4. Just one hint: do you have enabled indexing of LN databases? Start Lotus Notes -> menu Actions -> menu item Desktop Search... -> Add... & select your mail database file -> Enable indexing... -> Apply
  5. Hi all, I had a problem with this workflow at the beginning, but now is seems to be working ok: The workflow is here. PS: I have just one problem - when the text after "ln" is typed fast, then the result is empty - the same text typed a bit slowly shows expected results... Are you facing the same problem with this workflow? - Jan
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