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  1. I stopped maintaining this a while ago, there are better options available, check out /http://www.alfredforum.com/topic/1207-alfred2-workflow-for-google-search-suggestion-instant-search-and-current-site-search/ .
  2. Just updated my original post with an updated version of the workflow that should work, for now...
  3. Just a quick workflow that quits all apps that are not part of your default dock. This only quits apps that show up in the dock, and not background apps. After executing the script you should see your default dock with all of the apps that are a part of it still left open. You can download the script here. The workflow is an apple script cobbled together from http://stackoverflow.com/questions/495323/quit-all-applications-using-applescript and http://stackoverflow.com/questions/14245301/can-applescript-list-all-the-applications-placed-in-the-dock .
  4. Update: This doesn't work anymore, not sure if it is Mavericks or not, but regardless I've created a completely rewritten python version of the extension which you can download here http://goo.gl/uhzK7I . It is just as hacky as the original version of the extension and uses a deprecated API from Google that is currently being aggressively rate-limited, which all goes to say this may stop working at any time. Enjoy! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Here's a hacky attempt at my first workflow. It is a google search workflow that lists results from google as you type. It probably needs a bit more work, but is pretty cool. I used the google-search gem and https://github.com/canadaduane/alfred2-ruby-framework in addition to some code from the Google Autocomplete plugin written in ruby by Ted Wise. I've only tested it on my Mac, so let me know if it breaks on yours. Here's the link: http://goo.gl/ufg81 (see new version posted above)
  5. Thanks, I will try that, but how about forking something like this? https://github.com/canadaduane/alfred2-ruby-framework Edit: I guess I can just make a new workflow and copy the files into there and then export...
  6. Hi, I have a pretty noob question. I am trying to hack around with some of the workflows that I have seen in the community and make a few of my own. I am having trouble adding workflows that I have modified to Alfred. I have been zipping them up and then adding the .alfredworkflow extension to them, and when I double click them alfred opens but the workflow is not added. Any help would be appreciated.
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