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  1. Same here, would be more intuitive if it was set up this way, researching the issue is what brought me here!
  2. Thanks for the reply. If I do what bobbles asked, I have the direct link to the photo that is already hosted on my Dropbox anyway, so it would be very easy to post the link into forum posts and just add the URL wrapper. Should even be easy to add that with another workflow, or even integrate it in the first workflow, I would assume? I'm definitely not a workflow expert though... Do you know anybody that can set something like that up for me? I'll send you a PM. Cheers, Lukas
  3. Hi brobbles, Did you ever get this working? I'd love to have the exact same workflow, this would finally make sharing my pictures on forums directly from the Finder so super easy... Way too many steps involved to do it manually, drives me nuts.... Cheers, Lukas
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