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  1. Thank you Vero, kyle Schwartz's worflow works well!
  2. Same to me, does not work on my new Macbook Air M1 (Monterey 12.4). I would very much appreciate an solution for that.
  3. The converter stopped working somehow (using the latest version 1.5 from 2018). Probably related to unresolved API changes? Will there be an update and does anybody know some good alternatives?
  4. Surely my favourite currency converter. Big shout out! However, I would really appreciate more flexibility by implementing additional currency keywords. At the moment conversation is solely limited to the keywords: USD / EUR / EURO / GBP etc. Often I just use "pounds" (GBP) or "zloty" (Keyword "PLN" <- polish currency), which of course is not recognised by the workflow . Could you add such keywords to the code, or just give me some advice how to accomplish this task by myself? Many thanks!
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