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  1. Understood, thanks for the quick reply. This workflow will be very handy for me. Excellent work.
  2. Interesting. One question on the workflow, what exactly does the cmd modifier do? Press and hold cmd and the highlighted items info changes to 'Force Kill'. If I continue to hold down cmd and either click on the selected item or hit the return key it will kill the app. If I don't press the cmd key and either mouse click or hit return on an item it will also kill the app.
  3. slappy


    Very nice. Thanks for this.
  4. This is a great workflow. Is there something like this for Forklift?
  5. Hey Steve, that's a cool workflow but I find it easier/faster to just do this as a 'Custom Search' (no web browser needed) For iTunes - itmss://buy.itunes.apple.com/WebObjects/MZFinance.woa/wa/redeemLandingPage?code={query} or For Mac App Store - macappstores://buy.itunes.apple.com/WebObjects/MZFinance.woa/wa/redeemLandingPage?code={query} Thanks for that icon R4z3r now I just need one for the MAS.
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