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  1. I completely understand the complexity of this. What is puzzling me is that it worked flawlessly on my previous system, with the same external volumes. indexes where there, working fine, in Alfred and Spotlight. I don't know if Monterey reworked the indexing feature but I clearly have a regression going from High Sierra to Monterey (yes big jump!). I don't think this is an Alfred's issue but an OS one. I'll continue digging and try to have Spotlight work on my external drives. I'm sure Alfred will work too then! I've seen several posts all over the Internet regarding the same issue, so I'm hoping we'll see the end of this soon. Thanks again for your help!
  2. Looks like you're onto something. Removing both of them seems to bring back a normal behaviour. Adding the ludo one alone, works so-so (sometimes results, sometimes same issue), and even a little bit slower when working. Adding the video one (alone or with the other volume) is always giving the issue. I removed both anyway as the external volumes indexing is to working on my side, which in fact nicely transitions to my other issue. Is there a know problem with indexing external AFP volumes? I didn't have any issue on previous OS with same drives, mounted the same way. I initially didn't want to create a thread here as I thought is was more Mac than Alfred related, which is why I created this one (external link), but any help is welcomed as it really hampers my work (as said above, almost all my files are on my NAS, so on external volumes!) Thanks again
  3. File sent! Regarding the folders, I also tried emptying the list in the search scope, but it didn't help. Also tried to reinstall Alfred of course, deleting every of its files everywhere in the system. Help the diag file will help! Thanks
  4. I didn't want to mix potentially different issues into the same thread. I have this part explained here if you want to check but in the case of external drives, Spotlight doesn't find the files either, so I lent more towards a macOS issue than an Alfred one, while for the local drive, Spotlight seeing the files, and even the Alfred File Search troubleshooting giving me all green, it was for me a different problem. I may be wrong though. Yes I did. Carefully. And should have said so. Sorry. No I didn't. Had all my files on a NAS, so didn't need to migrate my old account. Just created a fresh new user on the fresh new laptop, mounted my external drive and here we go. Yes I know the process is quite long and I let it plenty of time to complete. I think I never try re-indexing less than a week before the previous one. I'm struggling with this issue for months (I'm patient, or desperate, your choice! 😁) Before posting, I also found this thread that linked to the same troubleshooting page you linked above. Thanks for your help and sorry for not having put more details in the first post.
  5. I'm using Alfred 4.6.6 [1300] on macOS Monterey 12.3.1 (fresh Monterey install on new laptop, not upgraded from another OS). When looking for files, with "open" or using space then filename, I almost always get the "Waiting for results from macOS..." message and never get any answer. The file is found by Spotlight, so I suppose it's not an indexing issue (it also passes the File Search Troubleshooting in Alfred help). When restarting the laptop, it sometimes works for some time and then reverts to the same problem. I can't see when I switch from working to non-working, but as soon as I have this issue, there is no way back except from a reboot. I'm looking for files on the laptop's SSD, not external files (as I also have external volumes indexing issue but that will be in another thread!). Any help is appreciated, what I could check, test, etc. I of course re-indexed several times, even if, as said above, index looks OK. Thanks!
  6. Hi, changing the filter deeper didn't change anything. It still gave the wrong path. I then re-indexed the drives via the application (Advanced | Rebuild macOS Metadata). No changes. I then did it via Terminal with a sudo mdutil -E {drive} on all my indexed drives, and it then works correctly now. I didn't check the difference between the script launched by the application and the command I used, most important thing being it works! Thanks for your help (and your wonderful (and vital) application!)
  7. Hi, no special symlink between volumes. I tried defining a workflow to search for the full external volume. Still same issue. Looking for a file that is in the SteamGames folder returns a result but with wrong path again (see attached picture). When restricting the search only to SteamGames folder, the file is not found! I'll re-index, try again and let you know. Thanks for your help
  8. When searching for files (with ') that are on external volumes (my NAS primarily), the files are found, file icon is correct but the path is not the correct one and is completely unrelated (but is another path of the external volume). If I hit enter, it's the file shown on the path that is open, not the one I expect. Spotlight finds the files correctly with the right path as it can open it. There is no issue when files are on my laptop's internal hard-drive. I just updated to Alfred 4 but had same issue on Alfred 3. I did a "Clear application cache" in case, but no changes. I'm on High Sierra 10.13.6 on a early 2011 MBP.
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