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  1. @az566Have you installed the required package(blueutil)? Otherwise, can you provide a SS of that error?
  2. @dp1207 that's cause you need to install brew(https://brew.sh/) first with the following command /usr/bin/ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Homebrew/install/master/install)"
  3. Github: https://github.com/bmunoz89/alfred-wf-bluetooth-manager 🚨 Supports Alfred 3 & 4 🚨 💻 Installation 👾 Run this command on a terminal: brew install blueutil Now download ⏬ the last release and open it 😎. That's all!! 📸 Screenshots 🔑 Keywords bset: Set the default device bc: Connect the default device bd: Disconnect the default device bcs: Select the device you would like to connect to bds: Select the device you would like to disconnect to bm: Allows to turn bluetooth on and off, and the same for updates of the workflow Besides that, you can add shortcuts into the preferences 👌🏽
  4. @Andrew I did what you told me and Alfred is working normally. Besides, I'm using a folder in dropbox again, I moved the workflows and snippets of the other Alfred.alfredpreferences, and it is saving my preferences without any problem. 🤷🏽‍♂️
  5. I tried changing the location out of Dropbox and restarting Alfred, but the problem persists 🙁
  6. My Dropbox is available at boot, however, even if it wasn't like that, that file is available when Dropbox is not running. I have a selective sync on Dropbox, how that could affect the preferences file? I don't think that Alfred might be starting before its preferences are available because even when I force Alfred to quit and I start it again those preferences disappear.
  7. Alfred version: 4.0.1 b1078 MacOs version: 10.14.5 Prefs(~/Library/Application Support/Alfred/prefs.json): { "syncfolders" : { "4" : "~/Dropbox/Alfred" }, "current" : "/Users/BorisM/Dropbox/Alfred/Alfred.alfredpreferences" } I migrated from version 3 to 4, I made the respective backup of my preferences before and all works well - all my preferences were migrated, however every time I made a change on my preferences works until I reboot the computer or I restart Alfred. I don't know if this should be part of the migration of the preferences, but the Alfred shortcut, the default Appearance Theme, enable the 1Password feature, the clipboard hotkey, etc are shown with the default value, so when I change its value, this one is not kept, like I said before.
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