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  1. What's also weird is that in any other text box, like in this comment box that I'm typing in right now, if I put the setting on the slowest, I can see it getting slower when it replaces the keyword. But in the chrome omnibar, the speed is actually not reduced. The keyword gets replaced at the same speed as on fast.
  2. I put it on the slowest setting, and it didn't change anything.
  3. This is a problem for me only in Chrome. In the omnibar, when I type in the snippet keyword "mail0", it should replace it with "someurl". But instead, it's making it become "mailsomeurl", so it's not deleting the entire keyword for some reason. Alfred 4.0.3 Build 1092, Thursday 4th July 2019 MacOS Mojave 10.14.5
  4. Github Download here This is for when you already have an image you just copied in your clipboard already, and you want to upload it to Imgur and get a link. Activate via `imgur` Alfred keyword No other arguments required This workflow uploads the most recent clipboard item to imgur and pastes the uploaded image URL into your clipboard. It also opens a browser tab with the uploaded image automatically. Note that if your most recent clipboard item is not an image, then you will be shown an error and nothing will be uploaded.
  5. @deanishe Is it possible to get the full path of a brew command programmatically though? I tried to use $(which pngpaste), but running that in an Alfred bash script can't find it.
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