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  1. Great workflow. I have edited the work flow, based on the input from different users and utilizing tab \t & new line \n to use it as a to do list. What I request, is there an option such that I can have different sections in the notes and, based on the heading/ shortcut the captured idea is dropped to that particular section. For Eg. Any idea captured with Due as a keyword should fall into Due section, similarly for TODO, Delegated, followup etc. If we can achieve the above, this will be my ideal to do list, I can copy paste the content, move them around and this will be available on cloud, and being a text document can be edited from any device. Due: 26 Jan: pay Credit card 1st Feb. 26 Jan: visit Dr. 5th Feb 27 Jan: Car servicing 1 Feb TODO: 26 Jan: completes sales proposal for client X 1 Jan. 26 Jan: switch on the server 31 Jan 27 Jan: buy dog food 5 Feb Delegated: 26 Jan: Provide screenshots - person A 26 Jan: Technical content - Person B 27 Jan: Print & Bind - Person A Followup: 26 Jan: 5 Feb - Person A 26 Jan: 9 Feb Person B 27 Jan: 15 Feb Person A
  2. Thanks a lot Deanishe for your help and an apple script. This is exactly what I wanted. It works fine so far. The only condition is the text document must be kept close recurring copy paste action. I will continue to use what you have provided, will report in case of any concerns.
  3. Guess my requirement is not trivial, hence it is dead. Thanks for your help.
  4. Deanishe & Vitor, Thanks for your feedback. I am fairly new and did try messing around with both the workflows to get what I wanted, but as no prior knowledge in development. I resorted to forum help with the design/ modification of the workflow. Please suggest, how should I move forward?
  5. Can you kindly edit your workflow, such that I can just highlight the text & instead of pressing cmd + c to copy & then the shortcut key to copy to TextEdit file. I rather highlight the section & hit the shortcut key to append to the TextEdit document. Something similar to workflow of The only drawback of the workflow is it copies only text not the images of the selected section.
  6. The workflow link below will paste the selection in Rich Text Format, but the problem is first you must select the content, then cmd + c to copy followed by the shortcut key stroke to paste in TextEdit file. I request to have a workflow where you highlight the content & append to an existing TextEdit document with a single keystroke. Inshort I need the best of both the workflow combined.
  7. If I copy the content of a webpage, which is a mix of images & text, paste it in TextEdit, the format & images remain, the file is saved in Rich Text Format. Maintaining text format is not critical, text must be copied though. But the images must be copied too. If you look at the top of the page, author of the workflow has provided instruction & screenshot. I want to copy the text & image to a text document. Option 1: I highlight the required content, text & image. Copy the required content cmd + c, open a new TextEdit file & paste it using cmd + v. The whole text & image is copied. Which is what I currently do. Option 2: Where I request your help is: Highlight the section of interest, text & image both, hit the assigned key stroke & the content gets appended to an assigned TextEdit file or a new TextEdit file. Hope the above explains my requirement.
  8. Is there anyway to have the formatting and images copied, instead of just unformatted text?
  9. Attached is a workflow designed by Anton. It is almost what I want, but the only problem is it does not copy the images. Can this workflow be modified to copy the content with formatting and images? The best thing about this workflow is all you need to do is highlight the desired section and press the hotkey and the content is copied to a preassigned text file. https://www.alfredforum.com/topic/10961-saves-the-selected-text-to-a-file/
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