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  1. Here's the result: https://www.evernote.com/shard/s1/sh/8838c2eb-14aa-40e5-b6ce-1d418f5696cc/a010783c86df0d6509679e0c9efa87f9
  2. Yes. I can add New, From Selection and From Clipboard. It's just 'File' that doesn't work. I do have Chrome installed. I'll gladly give the script a go. Many thanks.
  3. I love this Workflow but have never yet gotten 'Add file' to work. I'm running OSX 10.8.3, Evernote 5.0.7, Workflow 6.0 and Alfred 2.0.3 (187). I've now resorted to using a Finder sidebar folder monitored by Hazel. I just drag a file onto it and Hazel pops it into Evernote.
  4. Works great. I have 1000+ notes and it's really speedy.
  5. Well done. This is excellent and thanks for posting it.
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