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  1. Hello, Either my google-fu is rusty or there isn't yet this possibility but to rule it out, I wanted to ask the community whether there is the possibility to trigger a focus mode quickly from Alfred. The idea would be to trigger a focus mode on the Mac which would spread over the able devices to change notification / apparences settings. I was wondering whether it was possible. Cheers
  2. Hello @Vero Thank you for your methodic assistance. From your answer, it told me that it wasn't an Alfred issue. I found a fix for users facing the issue. I swapped the browser for all URLs that were supposed to be opened on a different browser back to Default and I then set it back to Chrome. The glitch is now resolved and the URL are opened through Chrome. Thanks again.
  3. Hello, I have a simple workflow which opens an URL to Chrome from a keyword trigger. I have attached a screenshot of the simple workflow. There was a recent MacOS update a few days ago and since then upon triggering these keywords it opens the URL directly onto Safari. (default browser) If there is any fix, I would be eager to try it out.
  4. That's indeed correct. It worked perfectly well and so is the arg you have inserted. Thank you very much for all the follow up.
  5. It says that the workflow is invalid and I'm unable to import it. However, I'm impressed by that kind of support here. Also, I'm eager to see what has been done as I feel like it would unlock many doors
  6. Understood. Thank you for taking the time to letting me know. Here is the workflow: https://www.dropbox.com/s/224kkyc6k8cubp2/csfip10.alfredworkflow?dl=0
  7. Hello, Since, I'm using a master workflow for hundreds of small custom actions it would be convenient but here is a most exhaustive description for this simple workflow: Prompt keyword: csfip Title & No Subtext Action Append to file with only {clipboard} Post Notification with a title {clipboard} or with a text {clipboard} The bash script isn't actually triggered by Alfred itself but from a cronjob. -
  8. Hello, I have designed a simple workflow which takes my clipboard and pass it into a small bash script and then there is a notification. I would like the notification to include my clipboard value so 'I'm sure the content of my clipboard is the one I needed to be processed. I did try through all the way possible : {clipboard} {var:clipboard} When I use {query}, it does indeed return a part of my script but not the clipboard. I have searched (surely wrongly) for hours without a solution. Cheers to you all fellow productivists
  9. @Don DahlI don't think it does atm which is a shame; That would be so freaking handy. I have both version installed (the old and new) and it loads the RDP list from the old version without actually opening them.
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