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  1. Hi @Vero, I was wondering if you might have any thoughts on how to best troubleshoot it from here? Thanks very much! ryzor
  2. Hi @Vero, Thanks for taking a look! Did those steps, with following same results for now. Also restarted Alfred. Happy to have you lead me through the next troubleshooting steps. ryzor
  3. Thanks for the replies @deanishe and @Vero. Happy to use `*DummyWord` until we can figure out a long term solution. For other software-/work-related reasons, I'm unable to upgrade to Big Sur just yet. I'm on MacOS Catalina Version 10.15.7 (19H524). Will be sending you the diagnostics file asap. A long time ago I did turn on unintelligent search for a reason I can't quite remember. I think there was a file type I often use that wasn't showing up on search. Thanks again! ryzor
  4. Hi there, I noticed many of my files weren't coming up in search, and it was bothering me for the longest time. I finally decided to spend some time to troubleshoot and narrow down the issue. I've concluded it has something to do with hyphens. Doesn't seem to happen with periods or underscores. However, most of my file nomenclature across my machine utilizes hyphens in this way. When I'm trying to find a file based on a section of its name, it won't come up in Alfred's search results if that section happens to be sandwiched between two other file name sections. In other words, surrounded by a hyphen on each side. Below are two screenshots that should be able to show what I'm talking about. Each screenshot should show three results. Any idea what might be causing this? Fixing this would be a life saver. Thanks in advance!
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