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  1. I have just today for the first time added the Hookmark workflow for Alfred. I am using Hookmark v 5.1.3 and Alfred v 5.1.2. It doesn't work when I type hm Alfred wants to search Google, Amazon, or Wikipedia. I thought with this workflow I could browse a list of my hooks. I must be doing something wrong, can anyone help?
  2. Thank you very much. I have downloaded, installed and everything works fine.
  3. I am running BigSur on a MacBook Pro, I use Alfred 4 and DevonThink 3. There is a workflow that allows direct search of DevonThink databases from Alfred. I can only find find this workflow for earlier versions of Alfred and DevonThink -- and I can't see how to download it from GitHub. If anyone could advise me on what to do (or if it doesn't work for my configuration) I would really appreciate it. I'm fairly new to both Alfred and DevonThink and a pure novice when it comes to writing scripts, etc. Thanks!
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