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  1. deanishe Thank you! Yes, that's it! I'm not sure if I was just running on too few brain cells or if my search queries for formatted wrong but when I searched for that workflow (because that is the EXACT one I had before) I could not find it! Thank you so much! You've made my day! Sincerely, Dan Paradise
  2. Hello! I recently had to reformat my drive and lost all my workflows and I remember having one that went something like this: Select Text > Press Hotkey > Mac OS X Service list (in Alfred) In a little more detail, I've setup Brett Terpstra's Markdown Services which all start with md - [Service Name]. I use them to wrap selections of text in parentheses or square brackets. So I had the workflow set to activate on double command. I'd select my text, hit double command and type "md". A list of all the markdown services came up within Alfred and I could select the one
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